Formula 1 news story about [F1 2018 NEWS FEATURE] FELIPE NASR: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Former Sauber driver Felipe Nasr has admitted exclusively to The Inside Line that F1 is still unfinished business, despite he and his Action Express team leading America’s IMSA sportscar championship.

“F1 is something I don’t put out of the list because realistic[ally] speaking, I still have the desire to come back still,” Nasr said. 

“I’m still 25-years-old and I know there’s plenty of fuel to burn, and I’m pretty open to whatever comes, but right now I have to say I’m pretty happy where I am.”

The Brazilian drove for Sauber between 2015 and 2016, outscoring his then-teammate Marcus Ericsson 27 points to nine in his debut season, and then taking all the squad’s points in 2016, care of a ninth place at Interlagos.

Despite those 2-points earning Sauber 10th in the constructors’ standings, with the Swiss squad leapfrogging now-defunct squad Manor for tens of millions of dollars in prizemoney, Nasr was dropped after his sponsor Banco do Brasil pulled its Sauber funding.

The Brazilian, though, remains proud of the job he did with the resources available.

“My two years I did in Formula 1 were fantastic. The first year I did in Sauber, it was a team that was struggling for budget, for their logistics, for everything. It was something that you can’t compare to the Sauber that we see in 2018. I even remember not having enough tyre blankets for the cars. It’s crazy!” 

Nasr and his Action Express team are currently leading both the IMSA championship and the Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup, with the Brazilian taking his first win in the series at Detroit’s Belle Isle. He also made his Le Mans debut earlier this year, finishing down the order in 19th overall after a tough run in the Cetilar Villorba Corse LMP2 car.

But Nasr’s time in America, and in the European Le Mans Series, has re-ignited his love of racing, with the chance to fight for victory a huge motivating force.

“I can tell you one thing I love about coming back to racing is winning, because you could be in F1 for 10 or 15 years and you’re never going to step on a podium or may not even win a race if you’re not in the top teams,” he said.

“So for me the winning feeling is something that I’ve missed and I just can say it’s so nice to be back winning and be in a strong position to be fighting for race wins and podiums with the Action Express team and within Cadillac cars.”

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