Historic British squad Williams continues to endure its worst season since 2013, with just four points to show after five rounds.

Though while work continues feverishly at Grove to improve the FW41, its former driver-turned consultant Alexander Wurz has since broken ranks to explain what the real issue is affecting the car.

"We lose downforce at the diffuser, and at the floor,” Wurz said. “We had this problem a little bit last year, but it was only annoying. Now, it's basically a stall.”

The issue means that the car’s aerodynamics do not work when the car is in yaw, or more simply, when it’s cornering, with Williams’ veteran reserve driver Robert Kubica explaining what it’s like behind the wheel.

“Apart from being slow. It was nearly impossible to keep the car on the track,” Kubica said. “That’s something we need to change, in order to make our drivers’ lives easier.”

Kubica had more seat time in the difficult FW41 at the last event in Spain, his first run at a Grand Prix weekend in seven years, replacing the team’s Russian rookie Sergey Sirotkin during Friday practice.

… as part of the team’s plans right from its season launch in February.

“I will do three FP1s. I will do some pre-season testing, in-season testing, so fundamental was I felt in order to participate and to supply the best job I can deliver, it was important for me to have a chance to drive.”

There, he was 1.2 seconds faster than race driver Lance Stroll, and eight tenths faster on the same tyre compound.

And while Kubica focused on car development and not performance during his Friday practice session, making comparisons difficult, it’s tough for fans to see such a huge talent on the sidelines while the squad struggles.

Regardless, team consultant Wurz says a significant fix for FW41’s issues is still several races away. So until then it’s damage limitation for Williams.