Azerbaijan was another difficult race for Haas, with the minnow American squad off-the-pace, and again unable to get heat into its tyres.

…with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen finishing out of the points, logging 13th and a DNF respectively.

And while team boss Guenther Steiner says a solution is yet to be found, the Austrian knows at least where the problem is manifesting.

“It’s high-speed tracks, with long straights and low energy corners, where we can’t get the heat into the tyres,” Steiner said.

Getting the tyres into the working range has been a huge challenge for all teams this year. One made even tougher with Pirelli stipulating maximum temperatures and minimum tyre pressures, front and rear.

And with Haas such a small team, at just over 200 people, compared with the likes of 1500 at Mercedes, time is needed for a breakthrough.

…which is a shame, because Haas began 2019 as F1’s dark horse on the back of its best-ever season, and with a new title sponsor onboard, launching in black and gold for an iconic look.

The team also did well in Australia, Magnussen securing eight points for sixth and Haas’ first finish in Melbourne since 2016.

But since then no points, despite being the only squad outside of the top-three to get both cars into Q3 in the first three events.

“The car’s amazing over one lap, but as soon as we go two laps on the tyres, we’re not there anymore,” said Grosjean.

Monaco, next month, should provide a short-term reprieve, and a chance to score big points with the tight and twisty circuit putting energy into the tyres, upping overall grip for maximum attack.

But it’s going to be a difficult middle of the season, with Canada, France, Austria and Great Britain all high-speed tracks with long straights.

It’s motivation enough for F1’s American team to get a solution to its tyre problems, before it tumbles any further down the constructors’ standings.