The Italian Grand Prix always holds special memories for Red Bull B-team Toro Rosso with 2019 marking 11 years since the squad took its first and only race win to-date… and from pole position.

Sebastian Vettel monstering the wet conditions in his first full campaign to mark himself out as a future superstar of the sport.

An important moment he reflected on, after his second of three wins there in 2011 for the brand’s top team Red Bull Racing.

RED BULL RACING, 2009-2014:
"Definitely I would say the [Italian race] victory in Monza was one of the most special ones we've had this year, because obviously I have a lot of memories back to 2008 my first-ever Grand Prix win.”

And while Toro Rosso has not looked close to reprising that winning form, especially with the team unable to share technology with Red Bull Racing to the same extent, a podium in Germany earlier this year for Daniil Kvyat has boosted their points haul to 51… 

… with a third double points finish for the season in Belgium, a feat that it could not repeat in Monza for its home race with both cars out of the points. Gasly 11th and Kvyat stopping on lap 30 with an oil leak 

Kvyat and teammate from Belgium-onwards Pierre Gasly at least benefitting from Honda’s new spec-four engine, which the Frenchman took in Monza for a horsepower boost.

Toro Rosso is also being boosted by experience, which Kvyat brought to bear from the outset…returning to the squad for the third time since 2014, making for a comfortable atmosphere.

“It is very exciting to be back with the team. I know everyone very well, everyone knows me quite well here so we can kick off straight away with a lot of knowledge.”

Toro Rosso is now sixth in the standings, as it prepares for Singapore, but the race is now on to stay there and equal its best-ever result. One to rival that great performance in the wet 11 years ago.